Massage & Body


swedish massage

Swedish Massage
Customized Swedish-style body work, aromatherapy and hot towels to meet your needs.

30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions / $70, $80, $90, $110, $135

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage
Heated basalt stones add a unique sensory element to this relaxing treatment.

75 minutes / $125

deep tissue therapeutic massage

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage
Trigger point therapy will be used in addition to slow and thorough targeted muscle work.  Hot towels will help relax your body after this massage.  Due to the nature of this service, discomfort and/or bruising may occur.

30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions / $80, $90, $100, $135, $150

bamboo fusion massage

Bamboo Fusion Massage
If you need a new twist to the same-old massage, give this deep-tissue treatment a try. 

60 minutes / $115

prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage
Happy mom makes happy baby! We do require written permission from your MD for this service. Whether your're 5 weeks along or 35 weeks along, this is the service to schedule.

30, 45, or  60 minute sessions/ $80, $90, $100

oil scalp massage

Oil Scalp Massage
Add this on to any one of our massage or body treatments. Indulge!

15 minutes / $25 ($20 when added to any other massage)


reiki energy

Reiki Energy Hour
Feeling out of sync? Energy work helps to reintegrate body, mind and soul and facilitate self healing.

60 minutes / $85


headache relief

Headache Treatment
Focused work on your neck and scalp helps soothe body and mind in this treatment.

30 minutes / $70

sinus relief massage

Sinus Massage
Essential oil blends and gentle acupressure alleviate sinus pain and help the body restore function.

30 minutes / $70


Focused acupressure on your feet that brings balance and relaxation to the entire body.

30 or 60 minutes / $75, $95

cocoon treatment

Cocoon Treatment
Full-body exfoliation followed by a body-masque wrap, vichy shower rinse and re-hydrating lotion. Bliss for the skin!

75 minutes / $130

anti stress treatment

Anti-Stress Treatment
Full-body exfoliation and rehydration without the vichy shower. Scalp and foot massage included.

60 minutes / $110

Salt Glow
Our favorite exfoliation treatment that features organic salts and oils handmade in Door County, WI. Includes the Vichy Shower.             

60 minutes / $125

Signature Scalp Treatment
Hair bath and conditioning treatment with decadent scalp massage. Hand massage included. 

45 minutes / $75

Body Polish/Buff
Full-body exfoliation. Cannot be received as a single service. Add this to any massage or to our Contour body wrap.

25 minutes / $40

Dry Brushing for the Skin
Exfoliates and softens the skin, stimulates circulatory and lymphatic systems, and balances the body.

25 minutes / $35

contour body wrap

Contour Body Wrap
Beauty for the skin starts on the inside. This wrap stimulates circulation and aids in detox. Lose inches and feel great.

90 minutes / $90


GX99 Cellulite Reducer
Dual vibratory massage action gives focused attention to your thighs and glutes

60 minutes / $105


Alpha Capsule
Dry heat sauna in a private suite. Extend the warmth and relaxation! Pair this with any of our spa treatments.

30 or 45 minutes / $30, $45

FAR Infrared Sauna
Heat therapy that induces perspiration is great for detoxing, relieving muscle aches and pains and overall wellness. Private suite.

30, 45 or 60 minutes / $20, $35, $45

Chair Massage

15 minutes / $30

Hand/Foot Massage

A relaxing massage to add on to a service while you are here at the spa or to be enjoyed by itself.  Lay down, relax and let your tired hands and feet get pampered.  Choice of seasonal body butter.

30 minutes / $65


Great for acute tension.  These are small but mighty super charged ionic cups for trigger point therapy.  Your technician will review your problem areas, apply the cups and massage either your hands, feet or scalp during the cupping process.

30 or 45 minutes / $80, $90

Bronze Biologic Spray Tan

Our spray tan is the perfect way to get a healthy and natural looking tan with no chemicals or damage to the skin. Your bronze biologic spray tan will be expertly applied by a trained technician using a precision nozzle for the perfect application.  We offer two solution options: regular or deep. Results can last 7-10 days and fade evenly. Depending on desired level of color more than one tanning application may be needed prior to your special event.

30 minutes / $55


 Raindrop Treatment

Using a combination of the art of aromatherapy and techniques of Vita Flex to various issues of the body.  Vita Flex is a Tibetan Technique (Vitality through the reflexes).  The energy produced during the technique transfers to the nerve pathways. Once the energy finds a gap in the circuit it repairs the break in the pathway that is creating imbalance in the body.

raindrop treatment

The raindrop technique treatment helps with:

Healing with 10 essential oils

  • Emotional release

  • Balance & Healing to the body

  • Harmonize Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

60 minutes / $125

Advanced Raindrop Treatment

Once you've completed the initial Raindrop session continue your Raindrop journey with our Advanced session.  You will experience the same essential oils with the addition of 1 unique essential oil blend of your choosing.  Your technician will apply this oil during the service as well as working additional vita flex points on your feet. This technique has a synergistic effect when combined with the essential oils of the Raindrop treatment. 

90 minutes / $145


Zero Gravity Chair

10 or 20 minutes / $30, $40